5 Must to know differences in java

5 Must to know differences in java:

Being a java developer, you must know this 5 differences, because which tells about your correct and deep understanding of this programming language, as well as it is very basic to know in java.

1. As everyone know String is the heart part in java. Because very difficult to write a simple utility/business logic without a string variable. For dynamic search query constructions we use StringBuilder/StringBuffer.

So knowing the differences between String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer helps you to write a correct proper logic at correct place.


Difference between String/StringBuilder and StringBuffer

2. If you are in beginning stage of java learning/java logic implementations then knowing about the equals() and == save lot of your time to avoid silly mistakes.


Difference between equals() and ==


3. As I already mentioned above, string is the core part in java and we make very small mistakes with append and concat function uses which creates unwanted null pointer and other exceptions, so know the difference between equals() and == to make sure you use append and concat at right place.


Difference between append and concat

4. Collections becoming most used features in java nowdays. So knowing the difference between hashmap and linkedhashmap can be more efficient to pick the right one.


Difference between hashmap and linkedhashmap

5. Also know the differences between all types of sets.

Hashset vs LinkedHashSet vs TreeSet Differences

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