Difference between concat and append in Java

Difference between concat and append in java:


  • String has concat method, remember string is immutable.
  • It adds a string to another string.
  • It will create the new object after concatenation done, since it is a immutable.


  • StringBuilder and StringBuffer has append method, remember these two are mutable.
  • It appends a char or char sequence to a string.
  • It will not create a new object, since it is a mutable one.

Example Program:

package com.ngdeveloper.com;

public class StringConcatenation {

public static void main(String[] args) {
//Concatenating string with another string
String helloVariable = "hello ";
String worldVariable = "world";
System.out.println(helloVariable.concat(worldVariable)); //hello world

//Appending string to string
StringBuilder helloStrBuilderVariable = new StringBuilder("hello");
StringBuilder worldStrBuilderVariable = new StringBuilder(" world");
System.out.println(helloStrBuilderVariable.append(worldStrBuilderVariable)); //prints hello world

//Appending char to string
StringBuilder charVariable = new StringBuilder("Java");
System.out.println(charVariable.append('D')); // prints JavaD




hello world
hello world




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  • StringBuffer is synchronized as well as Thread safe so can be used in multithreading. StringBuilder is not synchronized as well as thread safe. Many thanks for sharing this.

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