6 website online page speed testing tools

Keeping your website lightweight helps to load the pages faster, which indirectly helps for better SEO too. You know average page speed waiting time should not be more than 5seconds. If it takes more than 5seconds then you will lose 50% of your visitors.

website online page speed testing tools are not only gives the page speed details, it also provides the ways to improve the page speed factors such as optimizations, compressions etc.

To find out how fast your website is loading, lot of online tools are available to test the website page speed. Few best online page speed testing tools are listed below,


Google pagespeed insights tool: 


pagespeed insights



Varvy Pagespeed Tool:


varvy pagespeed



Pingdom Testing tool:


pingdom speed



GtMetrix Tool:


gtmetrix speed test


Small SEO Tools website page speed checker:


smallseotools checker



Dotcom tools website page speed test:



website online page speed testing tools



If you are using any other tool to test your website page speed, feel free to add it in the commands.


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