Tools for Angular 4/5/6 Developments

As angular 4 becoming very popular, same time typescript and development text editors like atom and sublime is also becoming very popular.


Angular 4 Development Editors & Tools:


1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code

It is free from microsoft.

Visual Studio Download Link: Download Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Tools for Angular 4 Developments



2. Atom

Atom is text editor from github team.

Atom Download Link: Download Atom Text Editor

Tools for Angular 4 Developments




3. Sublime

It is also a text editor, you may need to add a plugin for typescript for code suggestions and all for angular typescript. Both free (limited) and licensed versions are available.

Sublime Download Link:

Download Sublime Text Editor

Download AngularJS Sublime Plugin

Tools for Angular 4 Developments




4. Use With Eclipse

You can also add a plugin in eclipse itself, if you don’t like to go to separate text editors for typescript.

Eclipse AngularJS Plugin Download Link:

Download AngularJs for Eclipse

Tools for Angular 4 Developments


To Learn how to add angular in spring sts or eclipse you can also refer the below link,

Adding Angular4 + Typescript in Spring STS Eclipse


If you used any other Tools for Angular 4 Developments, feel free to share in the below comments section to help others!




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