Tips to Clear OCJP 6 (SCJP) certification

Tips to Clear OCJP 6 (SCJP) certification:

Introduction about OCJP 6:

OCJP (oracle certified Java Programmer) well known as SCJP (sun certified java programmer).

SCJP 6 – 310-065 has now changed to OCJP 6 -1Z0-851.

Only exam code has been changed, no changes in the syllabus rather than that drag and drop questions cancelled in the OCJP 6.

you will have 60 questions and need to score 61 to get pass within 150 minutes.

How to Start the OCJP 6 certification journey?

After spending more times in the browsing and surfing about OCJP i came to know that Kathy siera and bert bates book is the best one to prepare for OCJP.

It will take 20 days to complete the book with good understanding. After that read and memorize each and every point which is mentioned in the “TWO Minute Drill part of kathy siera book”.

Then concentrate on the important topics such as collections and generics, threads etc…

After that spend few hours to solve some basic puzzles and attend more mock exams as you can.

How to reach the destination?

Once you completed the kathy siera book (atleat the two minute drill) clearly, then you can able to understand any programs atleast somehow.

This is the indication where you can try for the OCJP. Try to read lot of small programs in the internet and understand atleast one concept per the question.

After that sure you will get some confident, then you can give one try for the OCJP 6.

I pray god to give the success and wishing you very best for those who have planned to take OCJP 6.

Recommended Books for OCJP 6(SCJP) certification:


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