Letsencrypt commands for beginners

letsencrypt commands for beginners

Letsencrypt commands for beginners

./certbot-auto certificates: This commands lists down all the letsencrypt certificates (both active and expired) with exact path details where the certificate exists.

./certbot-auto certonly -a standalone: This command helps to create a new ssl certificate, if you want to create for more than one domain then enter the domain names with comma.

./letsencrypt-auto renew: This command renews all your existing letsencrypt certificates. This blog explain in detail about the letsencrypt certificate renewal process and stuffs.

cd /letsencrypt/letsencrypt: Default path in centos/AWS machines, once the letsencrypt is installed.

./letsencrypt-auto certonly –webroot -w /usr/share/nginx/html -d ngdeveloper.com -d www.ngdeveloper.com

This command creates the certificates in auto mode for both ngdeveloper.com and www.ngdeveloper.com

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