Installing Maven in eclipse

Installing Maven in eclipse

Installing Maven in eclipse:

Maven can be installed in eclipse by two ways,

1. Through eclipse marketplace [Help -> Eclipse Marketplace]
Search M2E or Maven Integration for Eclipse

   M2E – Maven Integration for Eclipse then install this package.

2. Install New Software [Help ->  Install New software]
Enter the below URL and select all then click next and finish to install the maven in eclipse.


If you are using eclipse juno/helios/indigo you should install the maven in either of the above ways. Facing any issue in both of the above ways. Then better download the Eclipse Mars, which will have the ant, maven and many useful tools in the package itself. So that we do not want to install anything externally.

How I can confirm whether the Maven plugin is installed already or not in my eclipse ?

You can confirm the maven plugin install in eclipse by navigating to,

Window -> Preferences


search maven in the left side of the panel. If you are able to find it then maven plugin is already installed successfully in eclipse.


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