How to install node js in windows 10 ?

How to install node js in windows 10 ?


If you want to install NodeJS in Windows 7 then refer the below post:

3 Simple Steps to install NodeJS in Windows 7


Step 1: Download the nodejs package from the below link:

NodeJS Package Download

(you can download -> Windows Binary (.zip) 32bit / 64bit based on your OS version).


Step 2: Extract the zip file and keep it where you want

I extracted and placed inside C: drive



Step 3: Set the environment path variable

Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables ->

Create New under “User Varaibles for

and enter the name as :

Variable name: nodejs
Variable value: PATH_OF_THE_EXTRACTED_NODE\node-v6.9.5-win-x64\node-v6.9.5-win-x64


and add it to the path variable like this;




Mine looks this way:[I used the variable name as NPM_HOME, above I mentioned as nodejs, actually you can mention any name you want, but ensure you are adding the same in path variable as well].

How to install node js in windows 10 ?



And select path variable and click edit icon then add the new variable which we created, here NPM_HOME:


How to install node js in windows 10 ?


Now in the command prompt:

How to install node js in windows 10 ?


Click ok and close all the open windows.


Almost nodejs package installed and configured in your windows 10 machine. Let’s check it through command prompt.


Open the command prompt and type:

npm –version


Expected response:

3.10.10 (means some version number)


Thanks for reading this post. Feel free to write your comments below.

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