How Google, Sun, Adobe, Hp names came?

How Google, Sun, Adobe, Hp names came?

How Google Name came?

Google founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) dropped out of the Stanford computer science PhD program to build a company around their website-ranking algorithm.They decided on a tentative name, “Googol”, which refers to the number 10100, or a 1 followed by a hundred zeros, which is more than the number of atoms(1080) in the universe, to symbolize the massive amounts of data that they were setting out to crawl and organize.

When they met SUN founder Andy Bechtolsheim for an angel investment, he loved the idea and signed them a check on the spot, but wrote it out to “Google.” To be able to cash it, they incorporated the company as “Google, Inc.”

How SUN Microsystems Name came?

SUN stands for Stanford University Network (SUN). Because,

  1. All founders of SUN microsystems (Andy Bechtolsheim, Bill joy, Scott Mcnearly and Vinod khosla) were studied in Stanford university.
  2. Andy Bechtolsheim when he was a graduate student at stanford university, he originally designed the SUN workstation for the Stanford University Network.

How Adobe Name came?

A river called Adobe creek in Los Atlos, California ran behind the house of one of the founders, John Warnock.

How Hewlett-packard (HP) Name came?

Hp founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard have decided to put their name for their company. But they got confused whether to put Hewlett Packard or Packard Hewlett. Finally they flipped a coin and decided as a Hewlett Packard.

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