Displaying Tamil Characters in java console(Eclipse)

Displaying Tamil characters in Java:


package in.javadomain;

public class DisplayTamilCharactersInConsole {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		String amma = "அம்மா ";
		System.out.println("Amma in Tamil : " + amma);


If you save the above program in eclipse it will ask like this,

Saving Tamil characters in Eclipse

Save it as UTF-8

Now Run the program to see the below output,


[plain]Amma in Tamil : அம்மா

Displaying tamil characters in Java consolde

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  • Vimal

    Is that can be user interface ? Are should we install Eclipse stuff to have that worked, So I doubt it require more Tamil words to encrypted in database to work right as end level? looking forward …..

    • Naveen

      You can make as user interface but not only with java, you can display the tamil characters in jsp/html pages but you need to convert to utf-8(to display tamil characters) in java only. You do not need to encrypt the tamil words in the database, you can simply install tamil fonts and converting to utf-8 make sense.

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