BigInteger Vs BigDecimal Java

BigInteger Vs BigDecimal Java:


Integer is a wrapper class of primitive data type int. At the max integer can store the 10-digit value. [1234567890].


int a = 1234567890; [compile]

int b = 12345678901; [wont compile, "The literal 12345678901 of type int is out of range" error]



Long is a wrapper class of primitive data type long. At the max Long can store 19-digit value. [1234567890123456789L].


Long a = 1234567890123456789L; [Compile]

Long b= 12345678901234567890L; [wont compile, "The literal 12345678901234567890L of type long is out of range" error]



When we need BigInteger ?

If you want to store more than 19-digit number then we need BigInteger.


BigInteger bi1 = new BigInteger("123456789012345678901234567890");

add(BigInteger ), subtract(BigInteger ), multiply(BigInteger ),divide(BigInteger )  can be used to perform the arithmetic operations with BigInteger numbers.





Its like BigInteger only, but the value will be floating value.


BigDecimal bd1 = new BigDecimal("91.333333333333333333333333333");
BigDecimal bd2 = new BigDecimal("9.666666666666666666666666667");



Will print the “101.000000000000000000000000000“.



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