Best tool for Spring MVC Project Developments

Best tool for Spring MVC Project Developments

Best tool for Spring MVC Project Developments:


When you are going to start up with the spring mvc project developments, then it is most recommended to read this post first to understand what are all the tools required for spring mvc project developments. You can also understand what is the difference between spring sts tool and eclipse and which is most recommended for spring mvc project developments.


1. Spring Tool Suite (STS)

Download the Spring Tool Suite (STS)

2. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

Download the eclipse here,

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

All Eclipse Package


Which eclipse package should I use/download ?

We will be able to see many different eclipse packages like Mars/Neon/Indigo/Juno etc.. All are named based on the eclipse versions. It is most recommended to use the latest packages when the time you try to download it.

Basically latest version may come up with the extra plugins like Maven, Junit etc. with the package itself, which will reduce the externally plugin adding to eclipse work.



Mars Packages ===> Eclipse 4.5
Neon Packages ===> Eclipse 4.6
Luna Packages ===> Eclipse 4.4
Kepler Packages ===> Eclipse 4.3
Juno Packages ===> Eclipse 4.2
Indigo Packages ===> Eclipse 3.7
Helios Packages ===> Eclipse 3.6
Galileo Packages ===> Eclipse 3.5
Ganymede Packages ===> Eclipse 3.4
Europa Packages ===> Eclipse 3.3



Spring tool suite vs eclipse for spring mvc project developments

For Spring MVC project developments you can download Eclipse Mars package.

But do remember to add the spring sts tool as mentioned below,

Go to Help -> Eclipse Market place and search with “Spring sts” and install it.

Installing spring tool suite in eclipse


Which is most recommended for Spring MVC project developments ?


Spring Tool Suite(STS) Vs Eclipse ?

Spring Tool Suite(STS) is developed on top of the eclipse only. But it will internally have all the spring feature like Roo, Pivotal tc Server, Cloud Foundry and getting started guides etc., which makes the spring mvc project developments very easy.

Same time, if you are a big fan of eclipse/facing difficulty to migrate to spring tool suite from eclipse, then you can download the latest eclipse package and install spring sts tool separately in the eclipse as mentioned above and start working on the Spring MVC project developments.



“Spring tool suite (sts)” is recommended and best tool for spring MVC project developments.

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