Angular 4/5/6 Basics Common Quiz

Angular 4/5/6 Basics Common Quiz

You will get 15 questions here in angular basics quiz including multiple choice, multiple response, true/false etc.

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1. Angular is a ?
2. In highlevel angular directives are of X types ?
3. Things to keep in mind while developing secure angular applications ?
4. <p>The sum of 4 + 3 is {{4 + 3}}</p>, prints
5. Component in angular used for ?
6. Components can also be referred as directives ?
7. If same module is imported 4 times, What does angular do ?
8. Select the three types of binding types in angular
9. Select the three types of angular directives
10. Which of this is a correct syntax for string interpolation ?
11. These are the things can be done using String interpolation
12. How many lifecycle hooks are there in angular ?
13. Is Circular reference or circular import supported in Angular ?
14. Directives are nothing but ?
15. Binding types can be grouped into X categories distinguished by the direction of data flow

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