Wallscript 6.0 for free

Wallscript 6.0 for free

Hello All,

If you want wallscript 6.0 kindly contact me and I will send to your email Id.

What is Wallscript 6.0 ?
Wallscript is a web application which is similar to facebook. If you are planning to host a site like facebook or twitter then wallscript will be your solution.

Can I host this directly ?
Yes, once I receive your mail, I will send you the zip file, then you can host it directly by simply doing some db and domain configuration.

What are all can I do with wallscript 6.0 ?

You can do a lot, some important things here,

1. Email registration (password will be mailed to email id)
2. search your friends with username or mail id.
3. you can follow your friends or anyone.
4. You can post your updates as like in facebook.
5. you can post videos/photos.
6. you can like, comment and share.
7. you can post in your friends wall.
8. you can send private messages to anyone.
9. post youtube/vimeo etc videos by simply pasting url.
10. you can take webcam snap for your profile picture and etc……..

How many of them emailed me and got this already ?
As of 24th Aug 2013 – 2 members emailed me and got the zip.

Revert me at naveenkumar.g@ngdeveloper.com for further assistance.

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