Ubuntu 11.1.0 Basic Configuration

The below mentioned steps are required to install any softwares in ubuntu from internet directly,
Step 1: System settings -> Software sources -> Ubuntu software.
Please check the source code option and,
Choose Main server from the Download from drop down. After selecting this it will ask us for password(ubuntu password). then close it.  

Step 2: Open the terminal and type sudo su.
then create a file called /etc/apt/apt.conf and type as follows inside it,
Acquire::http::proxy “https://username:password@(say xxx.yyy.com):port(say 8080)/”;

Step 3: Now type apt-get install subversion (it will download and install the subversion software).
Before installing any softwares we have to do the above 2 steps.

Revert me if you face any problems.


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