Txtweb php hello world

Txtweb php hello world

Step 1: Create a file called hello.php under public_html\agn folder

<meta name="txtweb-appkey" content="1ac539c0-3df6-4e45-9e83-337889a858e1">
echo "hello naveen welcome man..!!";

location you have to store in web host is:


Step 2: Check this by typing your domain name/agn/hello.php

Example: if your domain name is ngdeveloper.com then you have to check your ouput by typing www.ngdeveloper.com/agn/hello.php in the browser.

Ouput you will get is: hello naveen welcome man..!!

Step 3: Login with your credentials to your txtweb account.

Step 4: Create a service and give all the details and copy the Service App Key and paste this into “meta content” of the above program.


Revert me if you face any problems.

Thanks for reading this post……….!!!

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