Transfering wordpress website from one domain to another domain

Transfering wordpress website from one domain to another domain


Step 1: Install the below plug-ins in both the domains,

  1. Backupwordpress and
  2.  wp migrate db

Step 2: WordPress site Dashboard -> Tools -> wp migrate db and note the below details of your both old website and new website.

Current file path

Current address

Step 3: Take the backup of your wordpress site and databases (database for safety) using backupwordpress plug in or cpanel backup wizard option.

Step 4:  Go to Old website Tools -> Wp migate db and enter the current file path and current address of new website to update the domain names.

Download this as zip.

Step 5: Open the wp-config file which is under public_html folder of downloaded backup of your old website.

And update the db name, db user, db password of your new website.

Step 6: Upload the old website downloaded files to your new website using filezilla.

Note: Do not upload the .htaccess file, since it is having the references of the old websites. Remove the lines between #begin wordpress and #end wordpress and upload. It will write the contents automatically sometime.

Step 7:  Open the phpmyadmin of your new website and go to the database(which you have mentioned in the old website wp-config) and import the .gz file which is downloaded with the help of wp migrate db.

Open the website , I hope it will open without any issues. If you face any problems please reply to this post, I will reply to your queries.



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