[Solved] the installation cannot be completed fantastico

[Solved] the installation cannot be completed fantastico

Install wordpress (2/3) the installation cannot be completed:

This error occurs when you try to install the wordpress using fantastico.

Why this error coming ?

The fantastico thinks that you have already installed the wordpress for the same domain.

Possible root causes :

1. You may have index.html file in your public_html folder.
2. You might have uninstalled the wordpress by yourself or sometime even fantastico could not remove all the files.


Follow the below steps:

1. Login to cpanel.

2. Open the file manager.

3. Click the fantastico data (public_html/fantasticodata, you can find this at left side).

4. Inside fantasticodata folder you will have “installed_in_root.php”, open the file and now you will be able to see the file content like below,

$installed_in_root["naveendra.com"] = 1;

In the above file the value is already one, it means that already one script has been installed, thats the reason fantastico not installing the wordpress again for the same domain.

So we have to remove the lines (take backup and try) and finally it should be like this,


5. Now you will be able to install the wordpress.


Note: Ensure you have taken the backup.


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