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Windows Notes

How to change the user to admin through command prompt ? net localgroup Administrators "ACCOUNT-NAME" /add If suppose your user name is ngdeveloper then the actual command would be, net localgroup Administrators "ngdeveloper" /add How to remove the user from adminstrator access in windows 10? net localgroup Administrators "ngdeveloper" /delete How to test whether you are admin or not ? Windows -> Run -> netplwiz will show you the users with their user type/access.

How to install typescript in windows 10?

How to install typescript in windows 10? Ensure you have already node package manager(npm) installed on your machine if this is not installed then follow the below link to get it installed, http://www.ngdeveloper.com/install-node-js-windows-10/   We should definitely have npm package manager installed on our machine, once you installed npm you can verify with npm -version command and start installing the typescript.     Run the below command to install typescript in your machine, npm -g install typescript

Starting SVN Server in Windows [command]

Here We are considering that you have already created the svn repository. Below is the command to start the svn server. Once the svn server started only we can access the repository. SVN Command Syntax: [plain] svnserve -d -r REPO_PATH [/plain] If svn repository created in D:/SVN_REPO, then you have to run the below command SVN Command Example: [plain] svnserve -d -r "D:/SVN_REPO" [/plain] Feel free to post your comments and queries.

Installing svn in windows and linux

Svn installation in windows: Download the Tortoise svn from Tortoise svn free download and install it on your computer, it will also install the subversion(svn) in your windows. Note: Download the correct Tortoise svn based on the os bit. (eg: windows 7 32 bit). You can see this detail in, Right click on Computer -> properties -> under system you can find this detail.     Svn installation in linux: Open the terminal and type Sudo apt-get install subversion Enter the root password and give yes to install the subversion in linux.     Thanks for reading this post………..!!!