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Swagger Tutorials & Notes

What is the URL to open Swagger UI ? https://localhost:8080/ngdeveloper/api/swagger-ui.html What is the URL to view the list of API's as JSON in Swagger ? https://localhost:8080/ngdeveloper/api/v2/api-docs How to disable Swagger related URL's in Spring Security ? In your WebSecurityConfig class make sure to skip the below endpoints/urls, @Override public void configure(WebSecurity web) throws Exception { web.ignoring().antMatchers("/actuator/**", "/v2/api-docs", "/webjars/**", "/swagger-resources/**","/swagger-ui.html"); } In very few case it still throws the exceptions then try "**/swagger-resources/**" instead of "/swagger-resources/**" How to disable Swagger UI in Production ? Swagger UI can be enabled or disabled based on the profile. Make sure you have s...