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Ngx-datatable with Angular 4/5/6 Example

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Ngx-datatable with Angular 4 Example: I have been searching for a best datatable with features like sorting, searching, pagination, rows per page etc.. to use in my angular projects. I am a big fan of datatables.net datatable, but unfortunately with angular it is not working properly (the issue i faced in datatables.net with angular is after sorting/any operations datatable will become empty, raised question to the datatables.net team, but no reply :( ). Datatable which I am using now: ngx-datatable   Why I am using ngx-datatable? I came across lot of datatables and finally used this by comparing the features and easiness to use than other datatables. Also it remains top in github with more star rating as of July 2017. The issue I am facing with ngx-datatable: T...