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Suggest Domain Names and Get Paid….!!

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Hello friends, 1. Yes Now you can earn money simply suggesting domain names (nothing but website names). 2. Go to www.pickydomains.com and register as a contributor. 3. After log into the pickydomains.com you can find many domain name orders, slogan orders and name orders. 4. If any of your suggestions selected, then you will be paid by pickydomains.com.   I personally suggested logic-path.com for one client through pickydomains.com and got paid $20, so it is really a trusted brand to try it out.   Thanks for reading this post..................!!!

Guide someone and get paid by about.com….!!!

Hello friends, Yes. Now you can earn money simply guiding someone for something. For example If someone looking for the information on health insurance. then you guide and write for them and get paid by about.com For more details please click the below link, http://beaguide.about.com/gdapplynow.htm   Thanks for reading this post........!!!

Selling a product on ebay

Step 1: Register or sign up for ebay account if you dont have or simply login with your account. Step 2: Create a paisapay account to receive the amount from ebay. Its mandatory. Step 3: Click the "sell" tab which is in right top. Step 4: Start selling the product by simply clicking start selling button in the next screen. Step 5: Fill all the details regarding sellers, product review, price details, shipping details etc..   Revert me if you have any doubts.   Thanks for reading this post.

Adding Flipkart search bar in WordPress

Step 1: Go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the "Text" to your place like right side or left side etc.. Step 2: Go to flipkart.com and log in with affiliate credentials and go to flipkart search bar option. Step 3: Copy and paste the flipkart search bar html code into your website (text widget) Then our website looks like this,   Thanks for reading this post.........!!!

Step by step procedure for flipkart Affiliate marketing

Step 1: Go to flipkart.com Step 2: Click the affiliate under Misc in the flipkart.com footer page, Step 3: Click the Join now for free and register with your details, Once you have registered, they will give you track id for you. You have to add this trackid with flipkart url and that should be pasted in your website or blog. How to add track id in flipkart url? Now you can provide affiliate links to any page on Flipkart.com, by appending affid=mail2agngm to the URL in your browser. This is how: For URLs of search results pages append &affid=mail2agngm e.g. http://www.flipkart.com/search-book?dd=0&query=harry+potter&affid=mail2agngm For other URLs append ?affid=mail2agngm e.g. http://www.flipkart.com/arts-photography-books/1-0?affid=mail2agng...

Amazon Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission based money earning way. We have to recommend some books, products or things to our website users. If they buy that then we will get the commision. First we have to create a amazon affiliate account, Just create the account. They will give you affiliate account id and they will take 3 days to verify your details and your website details. Start earning the money once the details has been verified. Create your own website within 60min and start earning the money. Thanks for reading this post.....!!!