Svn repository creation in localhost

Svn repository creation in localhost

Before creating svn local repository,

Ensure the svn installed on your machine.  Type svn in the command prompt and check whether the output is coming as like below or not,


Command to create to svn repository in localhost:

Svnadmin create svn_localhost_repo

Svn repository creation using Tortoise svn:

Create new folder and inside that folder,

Right click -> Tortoise svn -> Create repository here.



To Install “Tortoise svn” 

The folders and files which you have imported in the local repository will not be visible at anyplace.

You should create working copy to see the folders and files which are in svn localhost repository.

Above steps are same for both windows and linux to create the svn local repository.

Ensure the tortoise svn installed.

If any error on creating svn repository using tortoise svn, check the folder permissions, it must not be write protected.


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