Step by step procedure for flipkart Affiliate marketing

Step by step procedure for flipkart Affiliate marketing

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click the affiliate under Misc in the footer page,

Step 3: Click the Join now for free and register with your details,

Once you have registered, they will give you track id for you.

You have to add this trackid with flipkart url and that should be pasted in your website or blog.

How to add track id in flipkart url?

Now you can provide affiliate links to any page on, by appending affid=mail2agngm to the URL in your browser. This is how:

For URLs of search results pages append &affid=mail2agngm

For other URLs append ?affid=mail2agngm


You can add banners, buttons, links and also flipkart search bar in your website.

Every click on the banner, button, links and every search in flipkart search bar of your website has been tracked and will be updated in your profile.

How to add search bar, links, buttons and banners in our website?

log in to flipkart affiliate account and go to to know about adding search bar, link and buttons on your website


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