Swagger Tutorials & Notes

What is the URL to open Swagger UI ? What is the URL to view the list of API’s as JSON in Swagger ? How to disable Swagger related URL’s in Spring Security ? In your WebSecurityConfig class make sure to skip the below endpoints/urls, In very few case it still throws the exceptions then try “**/swagger-resources/**” instead of “/swagger-resources/**” […]

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Java Interesting Problems

How to print Fibonacci Series Till 1000 ? Learning from the above program: You can not use int/Integer and also long/Long to store the value. Because maximum value of int(2147483647) and long(9223372036854775807). Both these values would be reached even before the first 100 fibonacci series values. So BigInteger is one and only option for us to print the value of […]

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Angular Errors & Solutions

How to fix “This usually happens because your environment has changed since running npm install.” this issue ? This issue generally happens if you updated or reinstalled your npm. The easiest solution is, Solution 1: Solution 2: If it does not work, then try removing the node_modules folder and then then try, Solution 3: [This is the one worked for […]

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Windows Notes

How to change the user to admin through command prompt ? If suppose your user name is ngdeveloper then the actual command would be, How to remove the user from adminstrator access in windows 10? How to test whether you are admin or not ? Windows -> Run -> netplwiz will show you the users with their user type/access.  1,945 total […]

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AWS Notes

How to copy some files from your aws machine to your local desktop ? Download Mobaxterm community edition, open new session then go to desktop, my-docker-keypair.pem is the keypair file which you can download from aws console. ngjenkins.tar is my tar file which I need to copy from AWS machine to local desktop. I am running this command from desktop […]

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How to Implement JWT Token Based Authentication in Spring Boot Microservices

JWT (JSON Web Token) tokens are an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. It is highly recommended and used authentication method for REST API & Webservices. Today we are going to see how to implement JWT token based authentication in spring boot microservices to securely communicate and transfer the data’s between the client(any client […]

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AWS Developer Certification – Exam Tips

AWS provides certifications in 3 major categories called Developer certification, Sysops/devops certification and  solutions architect certifications. Each category has Associate and Professional level certifications, like AWS developer certification assoicate and AWS developer certification professional etc. For any professional certifications, relevant associate certification is mandatory to complete. We are going to see the complete details which you need to know about […]

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