Opensis(School Management ERP) installation guide on localhost

Opensis(School Management ERP) installation guide on localhost

What is Opensis ?
Opensis is an open source school management ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning) Web Application.

Download Link:

Ensure you have installed the xampp (mysql and apache),
If not download the xampp from here,

Xampp Download Link:
Once you have installed it, then open the xampp-control in the xampp folder.
Then start the mysql and apache.

Extract the downloaded opensis and copy the extracted folder to htdocs folder.

Then open the below link,

Here opensis is the extracted folder name.

Then you can see the screen like this,
Click “New Installation”

Enter the server, port and mysql username password
new installation

Enter the database name,

Enter school name, start date and end date,
school name

Enter the admin name, username and password details,
admin credentials

Then you can see the successful installation screen like this,
success install

If you login with the above created credentials, then you will be able to see the screen like this,
admin login

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5 thoughts on “Opensis(School Management ERP) installation guide on localhost

  1. Thanks for your post.
    Actually I’m stuck at step 2, with a blank box to stare at for a while (long while!)
    Not a programmer, so I would highly appreciate a simple answer to help me going,
    Thanks in advance

  2. Dears,

    Everything appears to have installed correctly but when I try to login using the account setup during installation the login fails. I’ve reinstalled a number of times and I am sure that I have entered the proper username and password.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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