Jelastic to host your java web application for free

Jelastic to host your java web application for free

Is it ?

Yes Now you can host your java website with database connection for free.

Who all are providing java web application host for free ?

Many sites providing us to host the free java web application, But rightnow I checked only

Jelastic free java web application steps:

1. You have to create the free account in

2. Login with the created account and credentials.

3. After login you will be able to see the option called “Create Environment”. Click and create the environment as like below,

Jelastic to create environment

4.  After creating the environment you will be able to see the “Deployment Manager”. You have to upload your war files.

5. Once the war file uploaded you will be able to Deploy it.

Jelastic deployment

6.  Then open the link (deployment) and you will be able to see the output of the uploaded war file.  Thats it your application has been deployed for free successfully.

If you like to connect mysql database with your application then you have to do the below steps,

1. You have to Create the environment with mysql

2. Once you have been created the environment with mysql then you will receive a mail with mysql access url, username and password.

3. Now you have to configure the db with the received url, username and password.

4. Open the config of mysql and navigate to my.cnf delete the existing content and enter only the below details in the file and save it.

 {access url which is sent to you}
username={get in the email from Robot@jelastic}
password={get in the email from Robot@jelastic}

5. After the above configurations you have upload the mysql connection war file to your environment.

Click to download the mysqldbconnectionwar file

You have to upload and deploy your war file as we done like our application deployment.

Note: Ensure you have changed the url,username and password in your application as well.




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2 thoughts on “Jelastic to host your java web application for free

  1. The described above way of setting connection to the database is not the only possible way of managing this in Jelastic.
    One can easily connect to the database using JNDI or specify the parameters of connection in the code of application itself.

  2. I m not using mysql.I m using oracle database ,plz tell me what should i do to host a java app.
    thanks in advance.

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