Java All Concepts With Examples

Installations / Set up:

Tomcat-Java Path Setting

Data types:

All Types of Variables in Java

[Clearly explained] int Vs Integer

String to double and double to string in java

Char to string in java

All Date Type Conversions in Java with Examples


String is Immutable, what does it mean ?

Why we need to override toString() in java?

Change all words first letter to uppercase/lowercase in a string

Java splitting based on dollar

Split in Java Example

Java splitting based on comma

String Concatenation in Java

Truncate String in Java Example

String Reverse in Java Example

Java Program to Change Case of a Character/String



Clone Shallow copy vs Deep Copy in Java With Examples



setLenient Example in Java date

How to calculate months between two dates in java using Joda ?


Hashing in Java detailed explanation

Sorting irrespective of case in java

Finding Common values in Arraylist Java Example

Converting Array to Arraylist in Java Example

ArrayList to Array in Java Example

Retrieving Hashmap value by comparing hashmap key

Converting HashMap to ArrayList in Java Example

HashMap with Entryset Example

Sorting Month in Java with Set

Month Sorting in Java using HashMap

How to iterate Linkedhashmap in Java

List Inside List Iteration in Java

Arraylist iteration in java

Array of ArrayList in Java example

Taking only String values from ArrayList

ArrayList Modification Java Example

ArrayList Reverse Iteration Example

Sorting Map keys in Java Example

Converting String Array to Integer Array Example Java

Compare Three List in Java Example

List Iteration using Lambda Expression in Java 8

Java Program to check the string word contains with map keys

Iterator in Java with Examples

ListIterator in Java with Examples

What is the real meaning of overriding hashcode and equals methods in Java

5 Ways to Remove Null from ArrayList


AutoBoxing / Unboxing:

Autoboxing and Unboxing in java


Sample multithreading program using Callable Interface

Multithreading Program in Java with online shop scrap Example

Transient in Java with example

Multithreading is slower than Single Thread in Java ?

Differences to know:

Difference between Iterator and ListIterator

BigInteger Vs BigDecimal Java

Abstract class vs Interface in Java

Arraylist vs LinkedList Java

Difference between concat and append in Java

Difference between concat and + in java

Array vs Arraylist java

Int array vs Integer array in java

StringBuffer Vs StringBuilder in Java

String StringBuilder StringBuffer difference

Difference between Equals() and ==

Hashset Linkedhashset Treeset difference

Difference between ArrayList and Collection

Difference between Hashmap and Linkedhashmap in Java

Removing some values from the List in Java Example

5 Must to know differences in java


Patterns / Regex:

Java Regex Pattern to allow characters and spaces Example

Java regex to check empty end of url

Java Program to find two letter capital words using Regex

Java Regex Pattern Example

Remove all special characters except percentage (real time use case)?



Algorithms & Data structures:

Binary Search Implementation in Java Example

Singly Linked List Algorithm Implementation Java Example

Java Stack Implementation Simple Example



How to Read Excel File xlsx in Java using Apache Poi?

How to Read CSV File in Java?

How to Read JSON file in Java using JSON Simple Jar ?

How to Read XML file using Java without any Extra Libs ?

Reading JSON Response From URL in Java

how to read csv file in java example?

Java File Read Sample Program

Java File Writting example

XLSX to CSV Convert in Java

How to read .txt file line by line in Java?

Steps to Read/write Property File in java

Creating Image using Java Without any Extra Libs



How to continue program after exception in java

When and How to use Try/Catch in Java example



Comparable / Comparator:

When to use Comparable interface in Java?

How Comparable Interface works in Java ?

Multiple Field Sorting using Comparator

Array sorting in Java using Comparator Interface


Database (MySQL) :

Java With MySQL Insert Example

Java With MySQL Select Example

How to connect to CPanel Remote MySql in Java ?

How to connect MongoDB with Java ?



Performance Tuning:

7 Performance Tuning Tips in Java


Interview Questions & Answers:

Core Java Interview Questions & Programs


Certifications / Certificates:

Tips to Clear OCJP 6 (SCJP) certification

3 Simple Steps to Install Certificate in Java


pig latin java program

FizzBuzz Java program

Palindrome in Java Example

Printing All Possible Combinations of a 3 Digit Number Java Program

Prime Number or Not in Java Program

Program to print pyramid numbers in java



Replace function in java

URLEncoder with sample program

Java URLDecoder sample program

Extracting .java from .jar and .class

Converting Numbers to Words in Java

copyright character in java sample program

Java program to calcuate EMI

Executing java inside java example program

Displaying Tamil Characters in java console(Eclipse)

Sending Mail From Java

How to Send SMS in Java using Third Party SMS API’s

Money Change Program in Java Example

Finding difference in java example:

PNR Live Status using Java

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