Ionic 4 Notes

Debugging Empty white sceen ionic issue:

Are you facing empty white screen after your splash screen, then run the below command and see there is any issue in your html/js code snippets,

ionic cordova run android –prod /

Ionic API Building command: [Run this command to build your ionic app to unsigned apk]

ionic cordova build –release android / ionic cordova build


Resolution for java.lang.IllegalStateException: Dex archives: setting .DEX extension only for .CLASS files

Run this command to clear this issue and even any cordova odd issues

cordova clean


Run the below command to update the cordova plugins:



How to resolve nodejs “npm ERR! code SELF_SIGNED_CERT_IN_CHAIN” ?

npm set strict-ssl false


How to resolve “” ionic android build issue? = true

Add this line in android/app/build.gradle (preferably after “apply plugin” line)

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