Hudson project build

Hudson project build

Step 1: Download the hudson war file from the below link,

Step 2: Open the command prompt and go to the location of hudson war file that you have downloaded and type “java -jar hudson.war”.

hudson.war is the exact name of the file in your system or location. It may be hudson-2.2.war or hudson-2.0.war etc……..

After you run you have to get the output like below,

If you see the error output like below then change the address of apache like 12345 etc…,

Step 3:  Open your browser and type “http://localhost:8080”  or “http://localhost:8080/hudson” then you will get the output as below,

Step 4: Before proceeding with further steps please download the Ant from and set the ant path in the hudson as like follows,

Go to hudson -> Manage hudson -> configure,

Step 5: Hudson is ready to build your projects. Now create new jobs by clicking that hyperlink in the above screen and fill the details.

give ok and give the build file location,

Step 6: If you want to change anything of your created jobs you can use configure tab at the left.

Click the build now to build the created job.

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