How to set up Online recharge script ?

How to set up Online recharge script ?

1. Unzip the

2. Now copy the unzipped GuruRecharge folder to your xampp htdocs folder,
Confirm that all the files are extracted and available in this path,
Note: Here xampp available in the D Drive.

3. Open the dbConfig.php file in GuruRecharge foder and change the database name, username and password.

4. Open the needed.php[GuruRecharge folder] file and needed_admin.php[GuruRecharge\admin folder] and change the URL to
$URL= “http://www.localhost/gururecharge”;
$URLAdmin = “http://www.localhost/gururecharge/admin”;

Note: If you created the folder name other than gururecharge then give that name in the above URL and URLAdmin.

5. Now open the xampp-control.exe file in xampp folder and start the mysql and apache servers. [Ensure the status changed to running].

6. Open the browser and enter the http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

7. Login to phpmyadmin, by default username will be root and password will be empty.

8. Create the database as gururecharge.

9. select gururecharge database, click import and upload the gururecharge.sql file.

10. Now Open the browser and enter the http://localhost/gururecharge/

11. If you want to login to admin panel then open http://localhost/gururecharge/admin/

Sample UserID password:

Userid :
password: mirthbees
How to login to admin panel?

open http://localhost/gururecharge/admin/ and enter the above credentials, after the successful login it will take you to the email verification code, this code you can find in the admin_verify table.

code in the admin_verify table will be updated on each login.

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