How to run angular universal in local ?

Almost all the business from small scale to enterprises are started using angular/react/vue js frameworks for their new web application developments and also for their migrations.

But Angular/React/Vue will have the SEO problem(before angular universal) to bring and make it appear in the google’s search results. I recently worked on the development of and mainly for the angular universal changes.

Angular universal really has the great official tutorial to integrate with any projects. It is highly recommended to start using the angular universal from the beginning of the developments.

This below posts explains how to set up the angular universal.

How to run the angular universal in local ?

you need to run any of these to build the angular projects,

npm run build:prod && npm run serve:prod


npm run build:server:prod && npm run build:browser:prod

Command To run the angular universal in local ?

If your express js file is app.js then run,

node app.js

In my case, I just named it as local.js, so I will run like this,

node local.js

Then it runs something like this,

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