Google Analytics using Google Analytics MonsterInsights

Google Analytics using Google Analytics MonsterInsights: Google analytics became very basic and mandatory one for all the websites and blogs to track the complete details about their website. It can provide lot of insight details about your site like outbound links, behaviours of the user, geo location of the most visitors etc.,

Recently google has enhanced google analytics to connect to google webmaster search console which will also provide lot of search analytics details. Configuring google analytics in wordpress is very easy using google analytics by mosterinsights plugins.

N lot of plugins are available to configure it for wordpress. But this is the most recommended also most downloaded plugin for google analytics. Because it will help us to enable / disable lot of things in just a mouse click.


Google Analytics by MonsterInsights:

Download and install the below plugin.

Google Analytics using Google Analytics MonsterInsights



Configuring google analytics:

Click the settings -> Authenticate

Google Analytics using Google Analytics MonsterInsights


If you are facing any issue with google authentication then you can configure manually also. But this may not provide or enable few options provided by the plugin. So it is always recommended to directly authenticate with google.


Where can I find the Google Analytics Tracking code ?

Navigate to -> Admin -> Tracking Info -> Tracking code -> Under website tracking.


If you running affiliate based blogs then enabling outbound links will help you to track and analyse the outbound links.

Google Analytics using Google Analytics MonsterInsights



You will have few other options under advanced sections of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights for download file formats tracking and url format(full url/domain url) etc.

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