How to get payment gateway approval (payzippy) ?

How to get payment gateway approval (payzippy) ?

How to get payment gateway approval for your website ???

I got payzippy payment gateway approval for my website.

What I Did ?
1. Signed up in payzippy gateway website. (
2. They mailed me list of documents to be submitted and signed.

These are the minimum required documents list,
1. Company Registration certification
2. Address proof
3. Current Account on company name
4. PAN Card
5. Current Account last 3 months transaction details

Your website should have these details,
1. Privacy policy
2. Refund policy
3. Product price details (I did not mention this in my website first time, so mine got rejected first time and I applied second time with all the documents and then got approval).
4. Terms and conditions
5. about us
6. contact us

1. Our company is sole proprietorship registered. So we have given the owner PAN Card but current account should be on the company name only.
2. In the Registered address your company board should be placed, local bank peoples may come and confirm whether the same company is there in the given registered address.
3. Ours is own place, so we did not produce any other documents, but if yours is rent place then you have to produce them rent agreement also.
4. All the above mentioned documents should be scanned and signed by the owner with office seal.

3. We have sent all the documents to them, then it got first level approval from payzippy side and the approval process moved to bank side.

Feel free to contact me at if you need further details or help….

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