Fixing Duplicate meta descriptions using yoast seo

Fixing Duplicate meta descriptions using yoast seo: Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Duplicate title tags issues will happen if the pagination issues are not handled properly using yoast seo. So handing duplicate meta/title tags are really needed and helpful for better seo score. This can be checked in google webmaster.

If you did not configure your website in google webmaster search console, just do it immediately. Because it’s free and it can tell you lot of required information’s like top pages, impression, clicks counts etc.,

Where can I see a Duplicate Meta Descriptions or Duplicate Title Tags of my site ?

Google webmaster Search console -> Search Appearance -> HTML Improvements

Duplicate Meta Descriptions



How to Fix this ?

In wordpress this can be fixed easily using yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast SEO -> Titles & Metas -> Other -> Subpages of archives -> noindex.

This will disable all the pages of stores/categories or archieves pagination pages to index in google, which is the reason for duplicate meta descriptions and duplicate title tags. So enabling noindex for subpages of archives for paginational pages will resolve this issue.

Fixing Duplicate meta descriptions using yoast seo



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