Finding and blocking spam IPs in wordpress

Finding and blocking spam IPs in wordpress

Finding and blocking spam IPs in wordpress:

One of my coupons website was keep on getting the hits from a same ip for different urls randomly. I came to know that it’s a way of misuse/spam/hacking kind of thing, so i thought to block the IP.


WordPress 404 to 301 plugin:

404 to 301 is one of the great plugin in wordpress to handle 404 errors, which also sends an email to admin about the 404 page hit.

How I confirmed that it’s a spam IP ?

As 404 to 301 plugin sends a mail for 404 pages, I could able to see many pages which got the hits randomly, something like,

Also 404 to 301 plugin sends 3 information mainly in the mail,

  1. Ip address
    2. URL
    3. User agent (like chrome/mozilla etc..)

In the mail user agent came as N/A for this particular IP address alone.

So I confirmed and thought to block the IP.

How I found the Spam IPs which needs to be blocked?

As I mentioned above 404 to 301 plugin helped me to find the same.



How I blocked this ip ?


I installed one of the best brute force login protection plugin named
Brute Force Login Protection Settings

Actually lot of plugins available for the same(including iThemes security). I personally felt “Brute Force Login Protection Settings” is one of the simple and perfect fit for this ip blocking.

In the settings -> “Brute Force Login Protection Settings” page -> Under Blocked IPs


Enter the ip address needs to blocked.

Finding and blocking spam IPs in wordpress


Hope I helped you to find and block the spam ips. If you used any other way to block the spam ips feel free to share in the below comments section.


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