Earn with Affiliate Networking

Earn with Affiliate Networking

Earn with Affiliate Networking:Today I am going to explain one proper earning method in online, called affiliate networking. After completed reading this post, you will get an idea about affiliate networking, ways to earn, what we needed to become partner with affiliate networking, few affiliate networking terminologies etc. In my future post I will share the list of affiliate networks available to partner and earn with.


Affiliate networking:

Affiliate networking is nothing but providing the bridge between the publishers (price comparison sites, blogs, review sites etc..) and advertiser/merchants (flipkart, myntra, jabong, paytm, freecharge etc.)

For an example, if you are running a price comparison website then you will be linking the merchant sites. If any sales happen in any of the merchant linked in your price comparison site then you will get the affiliate commission from affiliate networks.

Without affiliate network, you need to partner with each merchants individually and even many merchants does not have direct partnership methods. Also affiliate network play a key role with the latest updates from merchants, without them very difficult to partner and run with many merchants successfully.

If you are having any blog/site and planning to earn some affiliate commissions in your website related categories (like books, music, food, travel, hotels, mobiles, electronics, ticket bookings etc.) then you need to surely partnered with the available affiliate networks.

Either you can promote any one group / category products or all the available merchant products through affiliate networks.


Few terms you need to know:

1. Deeplinking / Deeplinking URL

Deeplinking: If you have some product in any merchant which you would like to promote through your website, then you can generate a deeplinked url for the merchant product page url.

So if any sales happens through this newly created deeplinked url then you will get a commission.





Cost Per Sale (CPS): Commission will be given only when sales happened.

Cost Per Action (CPA): Very generic, action can be sales/clicks/convertions/visits etc.

Cost Per Click (CPC): You will get a commission when user just clicks your deeplinked url to visit the merchant’s product page url.

Cost Per Impression (CPI): This also similar to visits. But there will be some amount for 1000 visits/clicks, it will be calculated in terms of CPI and affiliate commission will be paid.



3. Feeds (Coupons / Deals / Offers Feeds)


All the affiliate networks will share the offers, deals and coupons to their advertisers through email only. Few affiliate networks are sharing the deals, coupons and offers through some feeds.


Advertiser can access the feed and download the feed files in CSV/XLSX/JSON/XML formats, this is one of the easiest way to promote/upload the deals if you are running any coupons/deals publishing websites.


List of Affiliate Networks in India and international:

1. Optimisemedia
2. Payoom
3. Dgperform
4. Icubeswire
5. Cuelinks
6. Vcommission
7. Glopss
8. Shareasale
9. Linkshare
10. Affiliate window
11. Komli
12. Webgains
13. Clickonik
14. Commission junction
15. Avantlink
16. Trootrac

17. Opicle

18. Clove Ads

19. Chinesean

20. Tradetracker



Hope you got some idea on how to earn online with affiliate networks.

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