Columns in wordpress post using Genesis Columns plugin

Columns in wordpress post using Genesis Columns plugin

Columns in wordpress post using Genesis Columns plugin: When we are writing the post sometimes we may need to split the content into the columns, for example to differentiate the things or explaining the images (one side image, other side explanations) etc.

It would be more readable if you use columns for all these things instead of just writing into the post directly.

In wordpress we have lot of plugins to achieve this functionality. We have used genesis columns advanced plugin in our sites, it works really great.


Where to download ?

It’s a free wordpress plugin, so you can download it from here.



How to use in posts ?


Once the genesis columns advanced plugin installed, you can find it in the new posts screen here,


Columns in wordpress post using Genesis Columns plugin


It will create the tags like this for 2 columns,


[one-half-first]Place your content for the first column here.[/one-half-first]
[one-half]Place your content for the second column here.[/one-half]



It can be customized for 3 columns/4 columns/5 columns and 6 columns as well. It is responsive too.


Things to Note:


  • When I am writing this post, it has 10,000+ active installs with 4.7 rating.
  • This plugin is based on shortcode, so it can be used anywhere.
  • No extra configuration is needed for this plugin. Once after the successful installation, it just adds one button to the editor, which can be direclty used to create and populate the contents inside the columns.



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