How to integrate google custom search to your website?

How to integrate google custom search to your website?

How to integrate google custom search to your website?:Google custom search is the best search tool which you can integrate to your website. If you are using any CMS(wordpress, joomla etc.,) softwares for your blog/site , then lot of ready-made plugins are exist. One important drawback with google custom search is it searches only from the google indexed pages. So […]

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How to enable xdebug in xampp?

enabling Xdebug in PHP eclipse

How to enable xdebug in xampp ? If you are running your PHP or PHP/MySQL project using XAMPP then enabling xdebug will be very easy, since xdebug will be already included in the xdebug. We just have to enable xdebug in php.ini to start debugging.   open the php.ini file which will exist in this location,   C:\xampp\php   Note: […]

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Alexa website rank script using PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and Ajax

alexa website rank script using php, jquery & ajax

Alexa website rank script using PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and Ajax: Alexa is a very popular and trusted site to give the rank for all the websites. It is a successful website ranking product of amazon. They are having many developer API to display every websites country and world rank. You can make use of this API to display any websites rank […]

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[Solved] Notice: Use of undefined constant

Notice: Use of undefined constant :   This is one of the familiar exception in PHP.   Example PHP Source code which creates notice: use of undefined constant define(HOST, 'localhost'); define(USERNAME, 'root'); define(PASSWORD, '');     How it can be solved ? define('HOST', 'localhost'); define('USERNAME', 'root'); define('PASSWORD', '');     Feel free to post your comments……  1,035 total views

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curl post php example with json response

CURL: CURL is basically to hit the url through GET/POST request and to receive the response. Response can be anything. [JSON/XML/plain string]   When I was searching for the sample curl post php example program in internet, I could not find the proper executing programs. So I wrote my own program and sharing here to help our blog users.   In […]

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PNR Status Script using PHP, jQuery and Ajax

PNR Status script featured image

PNR Status Script: Update: Demo may not work as expected, because the testing key provided by the “” got expired.   You can create your own key and substitute that in the script and run to get the expected results / PNR status.   Are you planning to develop any PNR alert, status website or any mobile apps ? (or) […]

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Freecharge Paytm style mobile number auto operator loading

Freecharge Paytm style mobile number auto operator loading using PHP, jQuery and MySQL: Are you designing online recharge website like freecharge/paytm. ? or similar functionality website? If yes then what we are going to see today is very mandatory one need to be implemented to your website. Loading operator information automatically based on the given input prepaid mobile number make […]

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md5 vs sha1 in php

converting string to md5 and sha1 in php

md5 vs sha1: Cryptographic technics needs to be implemented in all the areas of web developments mainly user details, payment gateway pages etc. to make our system more secure. we have lot of cryptographic technics and today we are going to see md5 and sha1, because these both technics plays more role to make the systems secure.     md5 […]

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