Core Java Programming Interview Questions

Core Java Programming Interview Questions: All these below are purely java programming interview questions collected from different attendees and different companies. Walk through all the programming questions and try to figure it out before checking the answers below.   Basics:   1.What is the output ? package in.javadomain; class Basics { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println("I am main […]

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Reflection Example for 100% Dummies

Reflection Example for 100% Dummies: I know in all the recent interviews reflection relation question are asked along with the other tough and popular core java interview questions mentioned here.   As mentioned in the title this is purely for 100% dummies who just heard only the term “Reflection”. I was also in the list of 100% dummies, after reading […]

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Java Collection Framework (As per Java 8) All Covered in One Image

Java Collection Framework (As per Java 8) All Covered in One Image: Even many experienced java developers know only list/set/map and few know vector hashtable and queues. But so much more than that are actually there in the java collection framework. I am publishing the single java collection framework image to understand the complete collection hierarchy interface/sub interface and its […]

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Reversing a string using Stack Implementation

In our previous post, we saw how to create a custom stack implementation in java.¬†Today we are going to extend the same implementation to perform additional operations like reversing, checking empty or full etc. Approach 1: [Simple & Best Approach]   We have used the same Stack class from this post </a>¬†with small modification like array type changed from int […]

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Java Stack Implementation Simple Example

Recently I started refreshing the backbone of CS, data structure and algorithms. As part of that I wrote a core stack implementation functionalities like Push and Pop in java. I also wrote isEmpty() method just to make use in loops and stuffs like that.   I want you to try writing the stack(LIFO – Last In First Out behaviour) implementation […]

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Auto Expand Column/Cell Excel Writing in Java

Auto Expand Column/Cell Excel Writing in Java: When you are writing an excel sheet through java program you will come to these kind of requirements. By default excel file will be generated without any auto fit to text or auto column width properties. We need to set the sheet and cell styles/properties for this externally.   Prerequisite: You need all […]

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