Configure kdiff3 for git

Using Git bash for windows run the below commands to add kdiff3 as your git default merge tool, before running the below commands please make sure you have installed kdiff3 and the path is same like below, if different then mention that path and add in the global config. git config --global --add merge.tool kdiff3 git config --global --add mergetool.kdiff3.path "C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe" git config --global --add mergetool.kdiff3.trustExitCode false git config --global --add diff.guitool kdiff3 git config --global --add difftool.kdiff3.path "C:/Program Files/KDiff3/kdiff3.exe" git config --global --add difftool.kdiff3.trustExitCode false

Comments to update forked repository git

Below are the comments to update your forked repository: git remote add upstream URL_OF_WHERE_YOU_FORKED (only one time to configure the upstream git url). git fetch upstream git merge upstream/BRANCH_NAME_WHICH_YOU_WANT Sidenote: If you want to commit to master then Branch_name can be skipped. git push origin ( to push the changes to my fork repository).   You can use git bash for windows tool and run the above comments inside root directory of your project using the same tool. Git bash for windows tool can be downloaded from here. (It is available for windows/Mac OS & Linux)

How to deploy angular 2/4/5/6 application from bitbucket to Nginx Server in AWS EC2

Angular, AWS, Git/Bitbucket, Nginx
How to deploy angular 2/4/5/6 application from bitbucket to Nginx Server in AWS EC2: Prerequisite: Make sure you have installed following in your linux machines: Nginx server. git. Account in bitbucket (atleast in github to clone some angular app).   1. Create temp folder in root path and do git clone: sudo git clone -b my-Branch Here my-Branch is branch name, if you want the master to be cloned then your url will be like this, sudo git clone 2. Now get into your project folder and run the below steps: sudo sudo npm install and sudo sudo ng build --prod sudo sudo given two times to solve the permission related issues, prefer to give...