How to improve your wordpress site speed ?

Website loading speed depends on lot of factors, but it contributes more based on the below factors, Enable gzip compression: gzip compression is nothing but reducing the original file size to make it load faster even in slower networking connections. This can be achieved using w3 total cache/super cache/gzip compression plugins/using htaccess file. After you have enabled gzip compression, you […]

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Who can start a blog ?

Who can start a blog ? Anyone who is interested in blogging can start a blog. Blog, a 4 letter word helped many to become rich and popular, you can find a few in YourStory. One sweet thing about blogging is, you can write about anything like technology, news, entrepreneur, shopping, reviews, business, cooking, cinema, money making online, SEO etc.., Many […]

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How to create a sticky header in wordpress ?

How to create a sticky header in wordpress ? Sticky header by thematosoup is one of the good plugin to achieve sticky header in wordpress, because it is simple to configure and comparatively good rated plugin for sticky header functionality.   It provides lot of customization which includes, 1. Selecting the menu If you are having more than one menu then […]

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Onesignal push notification configuration in wordpress step by step

Onesignal push notification configuration in wordpress step by step: Push notifications became the more popular feature from blogs to ecommerce platforms. We could able to find lot of push notification plugins for wordpress. But onesignal is great among them because of its simplicity in configuration and the free pricing.     They still offer premium support, but I don’t think […]

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3 best live search wordpress plugins

3 best live search wordpress plugins: Search autocomplete or jQuery autocomplete is a functionality to provide the live search experience by typing the letter in the search box. It is a very important functionality for eCommerce/business websites. Because user will not know the categories/tags/stores you have created. If it is a normal blog then this autocomplete functionality may not be needed. Live […]

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[Resolved] Yoast Seo Sitemap.xml file missing

Yoast Seo Sitemap.xml file missing: Recently one of my domain’s yoast seo sitemap.xml file is missing, this happened to me after updating yoast seo and few other plugins. So I really do not have idea on which updation created this issue.   Yoast seo plugin will generate a sitemap xml file in YOURDOMAIN.COM/sitemap_index.xml file which internally has the lot of […]

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