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How to change the user to admin through command prompt ? If suppose your user name is ngdeveloper then the actual command would be, How to remove the user from adminstrator access in windows 10? How to test whether you are admin or not ? Windows -> Run -> netplwiz will show you the users with their user type/access.  1,945 total […]

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Letsencrypt commands for beginners

letsencrypt commands for beginners

Letsencrypt commands for beginners ./certbot-auto certificates: This commands lists down all the letsencrypt certificates (both active and expired) with exact path details where the certificate exists. ./certbot-auto certonly -a standalone: This command helps to create a new ssl certificate, if you want to create for more than one domain then enter the domain names with comma. ./letsencrypt-auto renew: This command […]

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Developers Repeated Mistakes

In this post we are going to discuss about the repeated mistakes of developers during design/implementation/planning etc. This is just a sudden thought process, so this post will grow on my day to day experience and research wise only. Feel free to comment your repeated mistakes to add it to this master list. In Hibernate/Databases: While creating/planning a column for […]

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Tomcat 7, 8, 9 Default Administrator Password

Tomcat 7,8,9 Default Administrator Password By default you can see the below content in tomcat-users.xml file under (apache-tomcat-7.0.88\conf) By default nothing is configured so add your own username and password for manager-gui roles to get the access for Manager App & Host Managers. <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <!– Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license […]

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Arraylist to Array Using ToArray() in java

Syntax:¬†<T> T[] toArray(T[] a) Eg :¬†String[] y = x.toArray(new String[0]); T – the runtime type of the array to contain the collection Parameters: a – the array into which the elements of this list are to be stored, if it is big enough; otherwise, a new array of the same runtime type is allocated for this purpose. Returns: an array […]

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Generate angular + Java code using yeoman & Jhipster

Generate angular + Java code using yeoman & Jhipster Ensure you have installed yeoman (yo when dealing with npm and yarn) and jhipster (generator-jhipster when dealing with npm and yarn). If not installed, have a quick look at,     Step 1: Run yo jhipster     It will ask around 10 to 15 questions, you can provide the sample […]

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Spring Boot Tutorials

Spring Boot Tutorials: 1. Spring Boot – Is it a Brand New Framework ? Spring boot is not a brand new framework, just like mvc/web/rest/jpa add-ons, it’s just a additional kit from spring to reduce the development headaches with spring framework. 2. How to configure spring boot in Maven ? Spring boot provides single dependency entry for pom.xml configuration, <parent> […]

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