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How to copy some files from your aws machine to your local desktop ?

Download Mobaxterm community edition, open new session then go to desktop,

scp -i "my-docker-keypair.pem" ec2-user@AWS_HOST_NAME:/home/ec2-user/ngjenkins.tar /

my-docker-keypair.pem is the keypair file which you can download from aws console.

ngjenkins.tar is my tar file which I need to copy from AWS machine to local desktop.

I am running this command from desktop and I need the file to be downloaded to desktop only, so gave just (“/”) in the copy command.

How to copy files from your local machine to AWS Machine ?

scp -i "my-docker-keypair.pem" /ngjenkins.tar ec2-user@AWS_HOST_NAME_PUBLICH:/home/ec2-user/ngjenkins.tar

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