Adding custom Email to Gmail

Adding custom Email to Gmail

Adding Custom Email to Gmail:

If you are having your own website, then you will be having your custom email address., here is your own domain name and is custom email address.

You can add your custom email address to gmail and you can enjoy all the features of gmail for custom email address.

Custom email can be added to gmail easily with the below 3 steps.




Step 1: Gmail Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Click “Add another email address you own”





Step 2: Enter the custom email id,

Adding Custom Email


Click Next Step >

Smtp server details



SMTP Server: [ is our domain name, if your domain name is then you have enter as smtp server and port should be 587]


Click Add Account > [Once the smtp server and username/password is correct then confirmation code will be sent to your custom email id from gmail ]

Enter verification code in gmail



Step 3: Enter the received confirmation code and verify it.

Verification code entered



Once the confirmation code verified, then you can see your custom email id added into the gmail account,

Custom Email Added



Now you can start sending and receiving the mails from the added custom email Id.


Custom Email in Gmail From




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