5 New Things you should know in Angular 5/6:

5 New Things you should know in Angular 5/6:

5 New Things you should know in Angular 5:

Even though angular 5 announced as a major release, nothing affects the angular 4 applications and developers. Because majority of the things are modified behind the scenes (than HttpClient), we do not want to worry much about angular 5.


5 New Things you should know in Angular 5


We knew angular 1 to angular 2 transformation, that is actually a major release, because the complete things needs to redesigned. Here things are not that bad, and my angular 4 application works without any change(Changed only HttpClient from Http) after upgraded to angular 5.

1. Build optimizer – Reduce the Bundle size:

This basically reduces the size of your bundle, also removes the stuffs which is actually not needed to run.



2. Build optimizer – Remove Decorators

For eg:
export class HeaderComponent{


Here @Component is a decorator for Headercomponent class to provide extra information to this class from angular side.
This is used only at compile time by compiler, so in the latest angular 5 version, this decorators are removed during runtime to increase the performance.



3. Angular universal support Improved:


Angular universal is rendering the application from server side which actually renders with all the source code of the page, but by default angular renders client side so if you inspect and check, you will not be able to see any source codes.

This create the issue for search engines as they will not be able to render the full page, also routing in the page will not have additional information for the routed pages, so this also again an issue for the search engines.

This one improved better in angular 5 using DOM and transfer state API.


4. ServerTransferStateModule + BrowserTransferStateModule

Generates required information’s (including HTTP calls and all) in the server side itself, so client side nothing want to be repeated.


5. Incremental compilation – Developer friendly.

Instead of compiling the complete source codes from the beginning every time, only the changed files/classes are compiled, which really helps developers to complete their task soon.


Angular Official Site

Angular Github Change log



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