3 best live search wordpress plugins

3 best live search wordpress plugins: Search autocomplete or jQuery autocomplete is a functionality to provide the live search experience by typing the letter in the search box. It is a very important functionality for eCommerce/business websites. Because user will not know the categories/tags/stores you have created. If it is a normal blog then this autocomplete functionality may not be needed.

Live search functionality improves the better user interface, since it is helping the users to find the right content lively. Below are the few nicely working wordpress plugins. I would highly recommend search autocomplete functionality which I have implemented in my business website Couponzcorner: Coupons, Deals sharing site in india.

This plugin is working very nicely in couponzcorner site. I also listed down the other live search plugins which you can make you in wordpress platform.


1. Search autocomplete:

Even though the plugin is not updated 1 year ago, it still remains first recommended plugin for search autocomplete functionality or live search in WordPress.

It has really lot of great features,
1. Supports custom taxonomies (so I saw lot of coupons websites are using this plugin).
2. Min character count
3. Auto focus and hot-linking the search result pages etc.,

3 best live search wordpress plugins




2. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave’s WordPress Live Search is a plugin that brings live search, sometimes called “autocomplete”, to your WordPress site. You can customize to display the featured images, view more results button and pick any color from gray, red and blue.
It does not support custom taxonomies.

3 best live search wordpress plugins




3. WP Live Search

This plugin utilizes the WP REST API. It is providing a nice UI with loading and cancel button.
It provides n lot of customizations including result count, placeholder change, type select posts or pages, multi type selection. It also supports short codes. So you can even use in sidebars.
It displays both title and the featured image in the result.

3 best live search wordpress plugins



[Ajaxy live search was also one of the best ajax autocomplete live search plugin, but it looks like wordpress has removed that plugin.]

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