Java 13 New features


Java team has started releasing new versions and new features more frequently like any other programming languages like Angular. This fast moving releases will help java communities to be active even the other languages like kotlin and all taking the advantages. Java 13 – Release Date September 17th, 2019 – Java 13 released and Java 14 is planned on March […]

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Angular 9 File upload + Spring Boot REST API

In Angular Component Construct the formData with all the required fields including your file and the different inputs you need to pass along with your file. on file upload assigning the uploaded to files to networkFile variable, the same only sent to the backend in the formData In Angular Service In Spring Boot Rest API Controller  206 total views,  54 views today

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How to run angular universal in local ?

Almost all the business from small scale to enterprises are started using angular/react/vue js frameworks for their new web application developments and also for their migrations. But Angular/React/Vue will have the SEO problem(before angular universal) to bring and make it appear in the google’s search results. I recently worked on the development of and mainly for the angular universal […]

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List of Free SEO Tools [2020]

SEO (Search engine optimization) is something which every websites eagerly looking for. This posts helps you with free seo tools (chrome extensions) to analyse your website without spending single dollar. I am also keep on updating this list, so feel free to bookmark and visit us often for more interesting tools and tips. Keyword surfer Keyword Surfer is a 100% […]

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SEO Word Count in Java 8

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important for any website. Website which even has a great content also fails in SEO, because of the search engine optimization factors. “As per 2020 recent repots from google“, Google considers around 200+ factors to provide the ranks to the websites it crawls. SEO Word Count SEO Word count is one of the most […]

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[Solved] sorry you are not allowed to access this page. wordpress ssl

This “sorry you are not allowed to access this page. wordpress ssl” is quiet common in wordpress, this happens sometimes due to incorrect https setup/.htaccess redirection issues. Sometimes even plugins may create this issue. So lets resolve this error now using the most repeated case. You must have cpanel access to follow the below steps and fix this issue. Search […]

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[Solved] Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::5000

Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::5000  First run this command to check the process ID of the running application: sometimes, even if you kill by the above command the process may still be running. In that case we need to actually find the process tree and kill the parent / root process. Command to find the parent/root process: […]

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AWS S3 File Upload Spring Boot Controller And Service

This blog posts explains on how to upload your file to Amazon S3 services using spring/spring boot. Prerequisite: endpoint Url Access Key secret Key BucketName Pom.xml file: Here it is spring boot project, so if your is spring then just add the required dependencies for AWS. Spring Controller: This controller provides the way to upload and delete the files from […]

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Swagger Tutorials & Notes

What is the URL to open Swagger UI ? What is the URL to view the list of API’s as JSON in Swagger ? How to disable Swagger related URL’s in Spring Security ? In your WebSecurityConfig class make sure to skip the below endpoints/urls, In very few case it still throws the exceptions then try “**/swagger-resources/**” instead of “/swagger-resources/**” […]

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